New haircut thanks to my beautiful sister Jessica! It’s so much shorter than it has been! I love it. I needed it. My sister is the best.


New ALCS champs GO SOX, BABY! I was home in Massachusetts this past weekend and it was the BEST being there for the final games of the series.ALCS

New shirt My stepdad generously passed this one on to me when I was home this weekend. Long sleeve and Red Sox? Boom. P1020844

New food obsession Colder weather means a change in food cravings! And neverending leftovers from my cheese and cider night with Will means repurposing them into neverending elaborate grilled cheese sandwiches. I don’t hate it one bit. The one below is brie, olives, sundried tomatoes, and salami.P1020843

New life song for now Shane Victorino’s at bat song, his epic grand slam Saturday night, and wicked positive life changes in my world have this song rolling through my brain non-stop. don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing gonna be all right…

and are you ready for the biggest NEW news of all?

are ya are ya?

NEW JOB so about those wicked positive life changes and vague references to my life changing in a big way that I’ve been throwing out there for the past couple of months… I just put my two weeks notice in at my full time job to move on to bigger and better things! More on what I’ll actually be doing later (be patient) but just know that it involves food. I could not be a happier human being.

Stay tuned and

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo