I’m an Idiot

Last night my hoarding and crafting tendencies kicked me in the butt. After a lovely fall day, a beautiful six mile run through lots of crunchy leaves, and some delicious breakfast for dinner- I decided to wash out and clean a metal Russian coffee tin. You know, to repurpose it and use it to hold stuff. I wanted to be able to keep it and make it useful because it’s a cool tin, I got it in Russia, and of course it’s all in cyrillic. You know my love of all things Russian by now.

But I apparently forgot that metal cans are sharp and TOTALLY ripped open the side of my right thumb. Insert: blood everywhere, empty bandaid boxes all over the place, washcloths, gauze, sterile padding- the whole nine yards. I don’t often feel the effects of living alone, but when stuff like this happens- it becomes REALLY apparent how alone I am. Have you ever tried bandaging up a finger that’s bleeding non-stop? Trying to keep everything clean and not-messy? Trying to cut gauze with your left hand when you’ve always been a righty? Ugh last night.

I kept reminding myself that there are far worse things in life. It hurt but there are a lot more serious injuries that I could have been dealing with. I channeled my inner strong, independent woman and took care of my thumb (okay okay so there may have been a crying phone call to my Mom asking for advice BUT I digress).

Today it looks like this:2013-10-23 08.40.20Hitchhiker of the year award goes to this guy right here!

And my coworkers have convinced me to go to the doctors today just to get it checked out. Better safe than sorry. They’re right on that one. Especially when you cut yourself on an old metal tin from RUSSIA.

So I may be an idiot- but last night- after the mess- I was a hungry idiot. Whether it was the stress from the injury, me feeling sorry for myself, or just my sweet tooth kicking in… I wanted dessert. 

And a bum thumb was NAHT going to get in the way of that.

I saw this on pinterest the other day and have been dreaming about it ever since. Hello, pumpkin, chocolate, and brie grilled cheese. P1020859

PLEASE go to the page where the original recipe was posted- their pictures are GORGEOUS and will make your mouth water. Mine… sort of lackluster. JUST LOOK AT THIS PICTURE FROM THEIR SITE.


I had one piece left of this nice whole grain bread so I just cut it in half to make a lil’ half a sandwich. I put a patting of butter on the outside of each piece, spread on some brie cheese (still leftover from our cheese and cider night– I usually don’t have a glob of brie on hand in my fridge), spread on  some pumpkin butter from Trader Joes, and a handful of dark chocolate chips.


I personally think that TJ’s pumpkin butter is way too sweet but it worked well in this recipe. I think I’m much more of an apple butter fan- but I bought the pumpkin butter in a moment of weakness. If you don’t have any pumpkin butter- you could always use some pureed pumpkin from a can and sweeten it if you’d like with honey or brown sugar or something delactable. I think I’d like that even better actually. P1020863The dessert was amazing. Everything I wanted and more after a crazy evening.


Keep it wicked healthy xoxo