Celebrating Cinco



I literally know nothing about the history or story of Cinco de Mayo. I swear I’ve read the wikipedia page on it a dozen plus times but have retained zero of the information. I know its not Mexico’s Independence Day (which a lot of people think it is) but that’s about it.

But I mean- let’s be real. At this point, the historical significance has faded away for most people here in the U.S. and it’s become an excuse for Americans to consume copious amounts of guacamole, salsa, and margaritas. Hey- no complaints over here.

It just so happens that avocado, the ingredients that can compose salsa, and tequila are some of my favorite things to shove into my face. For that reason and more- Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays.


it’s that time of the year… where I put cilantro on all the things.

It really does fall at such a good time of the year- spring has hit, the weather is warm, the seasonal flavors are on point- it just feels right to be celebrating something. Even if you’re not tied by heritage in any way shape or form to the holiday. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of winter being OVER over, summer nearly here, and all around fun times.

And this year did not disappoint. I celebrated with salsa on salsa on salsa this. I had every intention on doing something derby related on Saturday… but I’m not going to lie, Cinco de Mayo took priority and totally owned this weekend.

In addition to eating a lotta guac and pico de gallo at work on friday (perks of working at Whole Foods), I made these caribbean jerk salmon tostadas with grilled pineapple peach coconut salsa. Woah woah woah- SO GOOD.P1040052P1040049P1040053P1040050P1040054P1040055P1040056

Snackage on Saturday featured leftover pineapple peach salsa from Friday’s dinner and more guac (obviously).P1040061P1040060

And then there was a dinner of crab cake sliders (not very cinco-y but wait for it…) with pineapple kiwi salsa. Drool everywhere.P1040063P1040065P1040066P1040067P1040068

I’ve never made homemade crab cakes before. SO EASY. Why haven’t I?! It was nearly impossible not to eat the mix straight out of the bowl when I was making them. It smelt so summery and beachy and delicious.P1040064

And then at work yesterday, I demoed three different fruit salsas for customers to snack on. I made this watermelon salsa, this pineapple peach salsa (different than the one I talked about above), and this cucumber-melon-kiwi salsa. People totally dug these guys.

Cinco celebrations ended the only way they should- with a margarita, a giant stone bowl of fresh guac, and a steak fajitas salad. Boo-yah.IMG_20140505_191351[1]IMG_20140505_191357[1]IMG_20140505_191402[1]

I’m pretty much a Cinco de Mayo master at this point. It’s cool.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo

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