P1030758I used to eat wraps a lot- thus I always had some type of whole wheat flat bread or tortillas in my fridge or freezer at all times. But somewhere in the midst of last summer, I fell out of my wrap binge (favoring regular sandwiches I guess?) and those items sort of disappeared from my kitchen. It hasn’t been till 2014 that my beloved ezekiel tortillas have magically stepped back into the scene.

But it wasn’t because I wanted wraps- although, that one I told you about last week totally killed it– it was because I wanted a quesadilla.

And I’m not talking like, oh, I’d really like a quesadilla- that would be nice craving. It was like, I need a quesadilla immediately and until I have one, I’m going to think about it every second of the day, kind of craving.

Guys, I absolutely had to have a quesadilla.

Nothing on my pinterest boards or in my cookbooks peaked my interest in terms of recipes so I got to work on making my own. Not that quesadillas are hard or anything (cheese + any other things you want), they’re kind of just like a… grilled cheese that went on spring break in Mexico. And now its trying to prove that it did more than party hard and drink the night away- that it actually picked up some cultural tidbits and learned something meaningful in its experience.




So I looked in my fridge at what I had stocked and what I needed to use and whaddya know- inspiration struck me. I saw a jar of roasted red peppers (leftover from this chicken recipe) and a bag of mozzerella cheese and some parmesan cheese (I think leftover from a pizza?), and some leftover caramelized onions that I had used as a burger topping.

I also had some cook chicken breast lurking and some parsley that was about to die.

I thought- hey, I could make like, an italian style quesadilla! With parsley, roasted red peppers, mozzerella & parmesan cheese, caramelized onions, chicken, and topped with a balsamic glaze of sorts.P1030755

And then my italian quesadilla was born.P1030756

All you have to do is layer one side of your choice of tortilla with the aforementioned ingredients, fold over the tortilla, and cook for about 6-7 minutes on each side. I started making the balsamic glaze (which is really just balsamic vingear boiled and then simmered for ten minutes so that it reduces) right before cooking the quesadilla.

Mexican food with no guac involved?! I know I know, but trust me, this quesadilla is delicious and the balsamic glaze will distract you from any lingering avocado dreams.P1030759

Apparently my quesadilla desires were not quelled by my little invention, however, and I’ve been taking my quesadilla needs to breakfast. I saw this on Tina’s blog and knew I had to do it.P1030852

Tortilla + honey PB + banana + apricot jam >>> microwave for 30 seconds. YUM.P1030853P1030857

Again, certainly no guac on that quesadilla BUT gooey PB and banana and jam? Yes.P1030856

An italian style quesadilla and a quesadilla made with jam from france? What a multi-cultural post this has been.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo

6 thoughts on “Quesadill-me

  1. Thank you for making me crave Mexican Food. Even though that was an Italian Quesadilla…it looks amazing!

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