It’s All In Your Head

P1030832The express line cashiers at the Whole Foods I work at are placed right near one of the busy entrances to the store. This means that every time the automatic door opens- which is quite frequently- they’re exposed to whatever the weather conditions are outside. Unfortunately, we’ve had a terrible winter and subsequently, they are constantly freezing. And there is only so much space heaters and layers can do.

When I was buying some siggis the other day, I said something along the lines of I don’t know how you guys do it- you are total rock stars for standing here in the cold. I wouldn’t be able to handle it- thank you so much. To which the cashier responded, hey- seasons are a state of mind. The cold is all in your head- you just gotta make life be whatever season you want it to be. And while I disagree with his beliefs (I’m sorry, but it’s freezing and there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it), I appreciated his positive attitude and simply admired the fact that he could think that way in the first place. I smiled and walked away with my yogurt.

His words stuck with me for the rest of the day and I thought a lot about what he said. Maybe that is that attitude to have? Have I just been too grumpy and impatient and annoyed with the weather? Should I just be making the best of things and pretending that it’s nicer outside then it really is? Can I find a way to channel warmer weather and stop being so negative? Am I wasting my time being all uptight and bitter about winter?

While I don’t think its possible to erase the fact that it’s winter and cold completely, I can at least try to focus on a new season and be positive, right? Right.

And what better way than through food.

I already told you guys that I have been craving berries like WOAH. I need a good dose of blueberries or strawberries every single day. Seriously. And if fresh berries don’t scream warm weather- I don’t know what does.P1030824

Another big thing has been iced coffee. I will argue that ice coffee is a year round thing (I’m in a New England state of mind) BUT it obviously is much more appropriate when we’re not experiencing record low temps outside. But man- iced coffee with some vanilla almond milk? It’s been my jam.P1030730

Besides the handful of comforting pasta dishes I’ve made recently {um this roasted red pepper penne and then this portobello and leek carbonara dish for starters}P1030841P1030842P1030843P1030840P1030844

I have been craving burgers BIG TIME.

Burgers = summer. And I go through waves of wanting them.

In the past week I’ve made these buffalo turkey burgersP1030762P1030761P1030760

and these bbq turkey burgers.P1030814

Continuing on the BBQ train, I proceeded to make this blueberry bbq salmon. Another thing that totally equals summer? Barbecue. I had to cook the salmon indoors on my stove top butttt it’s fine. There were blueberries involved. I was happy.P1030826P1030834P1030835P1030837

And while chicken wings aren’t really a warm weather food- they’re more of a fall time football food- I made these hot honey lime wings recently and YES. Just yes. I think all the limes and the roasted potato wedges I had on the side made me think of warmer weather. Plus, I really fell in love with green onions when I was in Russia this past summer so they will kind of always remind me of that wonderful place and time of year. Eating a hand pie stuffed with egg and green onions at a monastery in the middle of summer- totally normal life activities.P1030773P1030774P1030775

Citrus is technically a winter fruit. I guess. BUT these blood orange margaritas that I made for Will and I on Saturday night took me away to some type of tropical location. I don’t point to the blood oranges- I point to the lime and the tequila and the ice.P1030828P1030830P1030831

Who knows. Maybe all this warmer weather channeling will actually work. I saw on the news today that Saturday is supposed to be around 55 degrees and partly sunny- perfect for my scheduled long (12 mile) run! So that’s nice! Crossing my fingers nothing changes.

And just to add an extra push on mother nature to get her act together- I went ahead and painted my toes the most obnoxious pink color that I own.P1030850

Get here now, sunshine and spring.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo

7 thoughts on “It’s All In Your Head

  1. I was just talking about this! All of a sudden I’m in a summer mindset so I’m actually craving salads and smoothies for once, something I haven’t done for months. All this food looks incredible by the way! Jessica @ How Sweet Eats knows how to make some delicious pasta. I honestly can’t pick a favorite of all the food you posted though haha it all looks so unique and comforting. I’ve been making bbq chicken way too much it’s getting so boring!

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