Real Life Friday: Feeling Happy

2014-02-18 16.20.22There’s a lot that I want to say here on my blog that never gets said.

Usually this is because I am an open book and want to share every little piece of my life with you all and well, that’s impossible and I quite literally always run out of time. But sometimes its because I can’t thread all my random thoughts + moments + happenings together in an intelligible way that makes sense. Or they’re only tangentially related to the overall theme of this blog and so I leave them out.

So I’m trying this new thing where once a week I throw all the randos at you. I didn’t come up with this idea all on my own, though. The credit goes to my inspiration, Jessica, and herĀ real life wednesday posts.

Regular readers of my blog know how much I love her and her blog How Sweet It Is. Major woman crush on this lady, seriously. Everything she does looks beautiful and perfect. I know that’s not the case at all- and she admits to all her flops and flaws- but I think that just adds to her perfection in my mind. She’s that kind of blogger/person that makes you SO jealous- but not in a way that makes you hate her. In a way that motivates me to be everything I want to be because that’s what she does. She’s designed a life that she loves to pieces and it makes me believe that I can do the same thing.

ANYWAY. What I’m getting at here is that I have found a way to share some of the little tid bits of my life that don’t necessarily fit into the structure or themes of my other posts. Because to understand how I live and what I do is so much more than posts featuring a salmon recipe or talking about how my half-marathon training is going. Those things are important and I love writing about them and I need to do succinct posts like that but those things don’t show the whole picture of who I am as a person and what my real, everyday life looks like.

Without further ado, welcome to the first real life friday post! Now get ready for me to throw a bunch of stuff at you about my life and what’s been going on that you may or may not care about. Shall we?

Let’s talk weather.2014-02-18 16.18.19

I feel like it’s funny that I’m going to start with the weather because that’s usually what you talk about when you have nothing else to talk about. Either weather or sports. But not sports for me- I’ll talk about sports ANY time of day. Especially if it’s baseball. Speaking of- the Red Sox had their first full squad workout yesterday! AH! Love. When I read “full squad” though- I read it “full quad” and then thought it said “full squat.” You know you workout a lot when… OR you know when you’re obsessed with the legs of baseball players when… that’s more like itšŸ˜‰

Alright- look! We’re already off to a good start! I found a way to not start my ramblings with stories about the weather. Maybe I’m more interesting than the average human being after all.

But in all seriousness, the weather really has played a big role in how my days have been shaping up. We went from all that frustrating snow mess to now an upswing in the temperatures. It’s notĀ thatĀ warm outside but let me tell you, 45-55 degrees and sunny feels like heaven on earth after all of the polar vortex shenanigans.2014-02-15 14.30.07

Last Saturday Will and I tried to make the most of the day by going for a long walk and spending time out of the apartment. It was so miserable outside- cold- windy- wet- blah. Again, we accepted it was awful and tried to make the best of it… but neither of us was feeling it. Despite our smiles in this picture.2014-02-15 14.25.502014-02-15 14.22.47

What we did get out of that walk, however, was Baked and Wired desserts. One of the best bakeries/coffee places in DC. They still had some of their special Valentines Day treats being sold. We split one of their cakecups (strawberry cake, chocolate frosting) and each got a raspberry linzer cookie. Uhhhhh so goooooood.2014-02-15 14.22.562014-02-15 17.08.002014-02-15 20.56.46

And then the other day I picked us up these lemon ricotta cookies from Cork Market on 14th street. Oh. Em. Gee. WHAT. I can’t believe I only bought us one each. But, that’s probably for the best because those things were dangerous.P1030748

To counter balance the dessert indulgence, I’ve also been whipping us up some healthy but fun meals at home. We had a bunch of random leftovers (including cooked chicken, shredded mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers, chopped parsley, and artichoke hearts) that I turned into what I called Italian Quesadillas. I’m not sure if that name really makes sense… but it was a folded over tortilla stuffed with those Italian-y things I had lurking in the fridge. Italian style mexican food? Sure. That’s a thing.P1030751

I reduced some balsamic vinegar and drizzled that glaze over the quesadillas.


Consumed while catching up with the TONIGHT SHOW with Jimmy Fallon. Because he’s not only like my favorite human of all time, but he makes me laugh and I’m so stupidly proud/excited for him with the new gig and all #falpalsP1030753

I promise I’ll share the recipe I created with you soon.

And then another random leftover meal became the best thing I ate all week- I already shared my pesto potato skillet with you. I need to make this for Will. Note to self.P1030739

For breakfasts, I’ve been loving on waffles more and more lately. Van’s makes delicious whole grain frozen waffles… and they were on sale at Whole Foods 2/$5 sooo…… #wafflemania.P1030725

With the more spring-like temperatures have come new food cravings and I’ve beenĀ needingĀ blueberries in a bad way. Which is probably why I’ve been loving the waffles- they give me an excuse to make fruit compotes with coconut oil, frozen banana, and frozen berries.P1030724

I was trying to wait till it was more blueberry season to buy a pint, but I caved and bought some on my day off on Tuesday. The sun was shining so bright and I felt so cheery- I needed those blueberries.P1030749

Those blueberries plus some almonds and shredded coconut over blueberry siggis? Hell yeah.P1030747

I should also take this time to announce that I’m officially a siggi’s brand ambassador! I applied last week and they accepted me! I’m not sure completely what it entails, but I know it’s a good deal of sharing how much I love siggi’s with the world. Expect to see it featured more and more on my blog. Their yogurt is a little more expensive than your regular greek yogurts- but it’s so flipping good. Simple ingredients, not a lot of sugar.P1030750

On that same day where I bought the blueberries and ate them in a state of pure bliss over siggi’s, I also did a lot of cooking in the kitchen with the windows open. I always spend a good amount of time cooking on my days off, and Tuesday was no exception. It felt great to have the windows open and my creative cooking juices flowing. I put on a sara bareilles pandora station, channeled that strong lady power vibe, cooked, and felt radiant. It sounds cheesy but it was a really really really delightful way to spend the afternoon.P1030744P1030737P1030736P1030746P1030745

Followed by an afternoon walk where I was JACKET-LESS?! Couldn’t have been better.2014-02-18 16.19.26

But then it was. Because I got to end the night in a brand new bed. Will went and bought us a new mattress and bed set on Sunday and it was delivered on Monday. Even though we’ve had it for a few days now, I still get crazy pumped thinking of bed time because it means sleeping in a new, cozy bed with a pillow top. UGH. It makes me feel so lucky.2014-02-18 08.57.33

It also makes me feel like I’m actually sleeping well for the first time in like ever. It’s made such a difference in my energy throughout the day- especially at my job which is very high energy.

Truth be told- I’ve been feeling full of good energy and pretty happy in general these days. I think it’s the weather. I’ve just been genuinely happy or at least content for 90% of all of my days lately. Things feelĀ right.Ā Moments of stress and doubt never disappear, but I’ve been handling them so much better than I ever have.

I finally feel like I’m “coming into my own” and really defining myself. I know what I love, I know what I don’t like, I know what I want to be doing, I know what brings me joy, I know what I need- and I try my hardest to fill my days and moments with the right stuff. I’ve never been the most confident person, but I’m getting there.Ā newshirt

One of the places that has really helped with my confidence levels has been work. Work has been going extremely well. What can I say, I’m doing what I love. I get to cook on a regular basis for other people and actually feeling like I’m making a difference in people’s lives in small ways.2014-02-17 17.13.492014-02-17 17.45.322014-02-17 17.11.20

We had an all store meeting- like the staff of the ENTIRE store- on Wednesday night (which we do once every quarter) and even though it was late at night- it was so awesome to feel like I was a part of this team of people. Everyone I work with is so supportive and positive. Again, I feel really lucky.Ā At the meeting they touch on relevant issues going on at the store, share appreciations for all the good stuff happening, and give some important updates. It’s cool to feel part of something bigger than myself. Even if it’s just a lil grocery store and one of many many many in the country.

Also, at all of the store meetings, each team leader picks a member of their team to be the “team member of the quarter” anddd mine chose me. I almost cried. It’s fine.

When I’m not eating, running, working, cooking, or blogging, I have been relaxing. Yes, I swear I do that.

Will and I started watching Downton Abbey… which has created an obsession. We’re a few episodes into season two now anddd we are without a doubt HOOKED. I find an opportunity to talk about it whenever possible. I know we’re behind on the trend but I don’t even care.

I also have been doing plenty of foam rolling (tight hips city over here) and reading and recipe perusing for future endeavors.2014-02-15 16.06.372014-02-18 08.38.12

I feel like I just word vomited all over you people. I haven’t written a post that was this stream of conscious in a long time.

Do you like these real life posts? Or are they just meaningless rambles? Give me your honest feedback. I may or may not listenšŸ˜‰

Before I go- happy friday everyone! Today is pay day for me so I’m pumped! Don’t even get me started on how psyched I am for the sixty degree weather tomorrow. Plus- one of my best friends who now lives in NYC is visiting this weekend! Eee!

Later, people~

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo

12 thoughts on “Real Life Friday: Feeling Happy

  1. this weather has transformed me. like a weight off my shoulders. You feel me on that one. I can’t believe how much a weather can affect me until it changes so drastically. I like the real talk friday idea. always love playing catch up on your life.

  2. “…Italian style mexican food? Sure. Thatā€™s a thing…” – Love it!!

    I’m also so psyched that you guys have gotten into Downton Abbey. I was going to be all bummed out that the new season is over next week, but now I can keep talking about it as you catch up.

    Hopefully the warm(er) weather will be spreading up here too!

  3. I love your “ramblings.” Isn’t that a part of blogging? If not, oops. I didn’t get the memo. I will be in DC in March and would love to attend one of your cooking presentations. Everything looks so good. If you are ok with it, here’s my email
    Just send me location and times.

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