Beginning of November

This weekend has surrounded three things 1) fall 2) starting my new job and taking in everything that comes with that (hey what’s up major career change) and 3) Will and I’s four year anniversary.

DC keeps acting up with these warm weather shenanigans. And my new calendar page for November looks way more like a spring photo to me than a fall photo too. What’s up with that?P1020911

Today, however, it was perfectly fall. And I loved that. I also love daylight savings time- I wanted my morning sun back so badly! I’m willing to trade bright mornings for the fact that the sun is setting as I write this post.2013-10-25 16.39.15

I also made two very fall-y meals this weekend. Both off my recipe bucket list for 2013!P1020922

One was a side inspired by these apple bacon stuffed sweet potatoes. Notice that I ended up making mashed sweet potatoes + cinnamon + goat cheese and topped them with sage/honeycrisp apples/bacon… I always fail at restuffing potatoes so I just left the mashed flesh out (how creepy does that sound…)P1020916P1020915P1020923P1020917P1020918

And the other recipe I followed was for a arugula salad with caramelized squash + pomegrante seeds and a ginger vinaigrette. Holy fall on a plate. So delicious! I was pumped that I made enough to have leftovers. Will was too😉 I added turkey to the salads and man oh man- so tasty. The pecans toasted in pumpkin pie spice were heaven.P1020926P1020927P1020931P1020928P1020930P1020925P1020932

Both recipes also allowed me to tackle other 2013 bucket list thangs like using my cast iron skillet and eating more squash.

Another 2013 bucket list thing of mine was to “buy more flowers” but seeing as I am strapped for cash, I love even more when people get flowers for me! My Mom and Stepdad sent me these beauties to celebrate my new job and I love them.P1020938P1020940

In other home decor news, I rearranged our fridge to incorporate this new white board (my life is THRILLING). I’ve wanted one on the fridge for a long time. Every day till Thanksgiving, Will and I are going to collaborate and write something we’re thankful for.P1020935P1020937

And yes- today we are especially thankful for each other seeing as it’s our FOUR YEAR anniversary. As I tweeted out earlier today, time flies when you’re dating your best friend and the greatest guy around.P1020936

Will had the idea for us to run FOUR miles together on our FOURTH anniversary. He’s cute. I warmed us up with some oatmeal post-brisk run. Raisins in the shape of the number 4? I’m a dork.P1020933

I’ve enjoyed the rest of today off from work with him. Speaking of work- it still hasn’t really hit me that I’m not going to my regular place of work tomorrow and that I’m actually working at Whole Foods. I have this pin and my apron and everything- but man, I think it’s going to take some time before it all settles in.2013-11-02 11.07.10

Maybe it’ll feel more real tomorrow-you know when I don’t have to be in an office at 7am and can go to the gym BEFORE I go to work. GAH such a change for me!

In the meantime, Will and I have plans to go out to dinner tonight at Le Diplomate (THE place to eat and be seen on 14th street). I’m so excited it’s not even funny.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo

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