day nineteen {yes}

Okay okay- I’m caving. I’m saying yes to fall. I’ve been hesitating jumping full force into embracing the next season for fear of “getting into it” too early but who I am kidding here. I just didn’t want to be one of those people that celebrates the holidays too soon and rushes into Halloween only to rush into Thanksgiving only to rush into Christmas. Someone said to me today, hey did you know Christmas is like 15 weekends away? And I wanted to punch said person in the face- slow your roll, man! It’s technically still summer till Sunday so maybe chillax on the whole holiday cheer thing. I’m trying to enjoy my September.

But with the weather being noticeably cooler and extra layers being needed and pumpkins + mums + squash + cranberries lurking around… it’s hard to deny that fall is wicked close. It’s like, right there. And because fall is my favorite, I’m throwing in the towel and proclaiming WAHOO FALL! YES. FALL.

2013-09-19 12.51.59

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2013-09-19 12.53.162013-09-19 12.53.26For the past month I’ve been saying no, Allison, wait before you go pumpkin crazy- don’t stock up on cans just yet but um on Monday I bought my first two and have already crushed one of them. For the past week- I’ve been saying YES- pumpkin in/on/around everything!


Whether it’s on toast…



I was inspired by THIS little recipe which centers around the convenience of breakfast toast. My one toast had honey peanut butter, ricotta cheese, mint, and plum. The other toast had a mix of pumpkin, ricotta, and dark chocolate peanut butter + banana slices.

or in pancakes…



I used THIS recipe. They were a little too doughey for my liking though- I think it was the oats. Next I’m going to try an alternative recipe that uses almond flour instead of oats. I’ll keep you updated on how that turns out.

Oh and they are topped with a banana cream sauce I concocted- it’s just half a banana mashed mixed with 1 tbl. cashew butter and 3 tbl. almond milk. 

or in a post-workout smoothie…



I didn’t measure most of the ingredients but it was 6 ice cubes, 1 frozen banana, ~cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk, ~1/3 cup pumpkin, 1 tbl. unsweetened cocoa powder, and 1 tbl. almond butter.

or on FRENCH toast…


P1020737P1020740P1020743P1020745One + an end piece of whole grain toast, dipped in 1 egg + 2 tbl. almond milk + cinnamon, pan seared in 1 tbl. coconut oil (alongside a banana), topped with 2 tbl. ricotta cheese, ~1/2 cup pumpkin, walnuts, spoonful of granola, sprinkle of chia seeds, and like a teaspoon of maple syrup.


or in oatmeal (tomorrow’s game plan- I’m thinking dried cranberries + oats + canned pumpkin + cottage cheese + walnuts)…

I’m CLEARLY pumped about pumpkin

And I’m officially declaring here and now that I’m saying yes to welcoming fall.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo

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