Thursday Treasures

Another work week in my world has come and gone my friends. And just like that- we’re halfway through August. How on earth did that happen so suddenly? Maybe if I constantly reiterate how fast time flies here on my blog- I’ll actually remember this fact and do something with it. Instead of just thinking man, life is really moving fast- I’ll think that and then Carpe Diem a little more, live each day to the fullest, and try to appreciate the good in the world instead of accentuating the negative. But then again- let’s be real. Next Thursday you’re going to read something on here along the lines of “oMg you GUYS~ summer ’13 is like totally over already~ where did the time GO?!”

But in all seriousness- there is a small handful of bucket list-esque items that I need to get to before summer comes to a close. And with time moving at the speed of sound (I hope you’re like me and sang that like Chris Martin) I need to get on these things STAT.

I would use the expression “like white on rice” but I tend to eat brown rice. Speaking of brown rice- thanks to Jessica of the blog How Sweet It Is (one of my faves), I found out that Trader Joes has brown jasmine rice (!!!) Is this true?! Do they still have it?! If they do- I want it. Mainly because I want to make her recipes for Pineapple Cashew Fried Rice and Easy Chickpea Curry with Coconut Rice.

Got off track there. Sorry. Food excites me a little too much. Back to the summer bucket list-esque shenanigans.

{If you want to stay on the foodie track a little while longer- check out my pinterest boards– I’ve been pinning a bajillion plus recipes lately that I need to try}

Things I still need to do before fall actually starts. Because contrary to the fall-ish weather here in DC, we still have time before summer ends. Just wait. Next week it’ll be like a hundred degrees. Plus- TECHNICALLY the first day of Autumn is September 22nd. So we got time kiddos. Like a month.

Before jeans and leather jackets and scarves I want to:

  • Ride my bike to the National Arboretum with Will
  • Get the August special Banana Split cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake [partially because I love all things banana and partially because I didn’t try the July special Blueberry Cheesecake cupcake and am still upset about it]
  • Watch a movie outside
  • Attempt to go to a beach in the DMV area
  • Visit Massachusetts one more time
  • Go to Jazz in the Sculpture Garden [confession time: in the FIVE years I’ve lived here… I haven’t gone once…]
  • Try gelatto from Dolcezza
  • Drink a ridiculous summer cocktail [I don’t know what makes a drink “ridiculous” but I’ll know it when I see it]
  • Eat brunch outside with Will [preferably at Mintwood Place]
  • Eat all of the berries and cherries [please don’t go out of season- pretty please!]
  • Eat all of the corn [it’s just such a summery food- I want it in everything]

Totally do-able, right? In addition to all those things to be excited about (plus a trip in September to visit Will’s parents in Chicago!), there of course are so many things both big and small that are bringing joy in my every day life. Regular followers know where I’m going with this- it’s time for Thursday Treasures. Because if there was one way to reflect on life and slow down time a little bit- it would be to hark on all the wonderful things that have been making me happy.

In an attempt to bring back my Thursday Treasures posts that I abandoned for a couple of months, I present to you for a now for a consecutive week, my Thursday Treasures:

1. Bootcamp Regulars

You’ve heard me say it again and again- but the community feel at my gym is like no other. Yesterday was a shitty shitty day but I forgot all about it as soon as I was on the roof of my gym with bootcamp regulars. It’s such a simple thing, but seeing these people makes me smile. They find a way to turn my mood around and make me feel less terrible.We all sort of motivate each other and root for each other’s success. We commiserate together and find a way to laugh together.


My bootcamp friend Lyndsey tagged me in this funny picture last night. At one point we had to push one of these guys back and forth the length of the roof with our team members. Talk about major quad burnout.

Bootcamp and the people I have befriended remind me that I’m stronger than I think I am physically and mentally. When one of favorite instructors of all time (Hey, Devin!) told us to run around the block carrying a dumbbell that weighed 1/4 of our body weight I was like oh hell no that’s impossible. But it wasn’t. And I did it. SO THERE.

2. Foodie Adventures

Okay so not going to lie but I’m freaking FLIPPING OUT over here about all the planned foodie adventures I have in the next week or so. As you may or may not know, next week is the fall Restaurant Week here in DC! During the winter Restaurant Week in February I managed to try out Jaleo, Oyamel, and the Hamilton. Guess who is outdoing herself this time around and has FOUR reservations?! THIS GUY. While my bank account is kind of crying and old E.D. thoughts are slightly creeping in- I’m doing my best to pay no mind and just live in the excitement.

Because let’s be real. I love food. It’s one of my greatest loves and passions and life. So why would I not take advantage of sweet deals to eat at restaurants I’ve been lusting over for weeks and months? Sorry I’m not sorry.

In addition to Restaurant Week where I’ll finally get to go to Agora (with Sara), the Lincoln (with Nick), B Too (with coworkers), and Zaytinya (with Will), I also have a couple other foodie adventures planned:

  • Going to Thomas Foolery tonight with my friend Liz
  • Trying the Loxy Lady sandwich at Glen’s
  • Taking Will to Cava so he can experience the magic
  • Having fancy times dinner at the Occidental during our big important conference next weekend

Last week I cooked A LOT and tried out so many recipes. And this week I’ll be eating out a lot. It all balances out in the end. Right? Right.

Have I mentioned that I love food? Because I love food. Okay.

3. This Body Wash

I buy whatever body wash is on sale at Target or CVS. That’s how I roll. I lucked out when I saw this guy was the cheapest of the bunch I was looking at. It smells delightful.


4. This Breakfast

Breakfast mess– how you be so GOOD? This one with strawberries + honey + coconut chips totally made my morning today. Looks crazy- tastes delicious


Sweet potatoes and banana cooked in coconut oil and then mixed with strawberries, cottage cheese, cinnamon, nutmeg, peanut butter, and roasted coconut chips.

5. This Album

I’ve been cranking up the JayZ these days. He gets me. We’re tight like that. Heart of the City and Lost One have been pumping on repeat. At work today I’m listening to his MTV Unplugged album featuring the Roots and Mary J. Blige. Love.

6. Tom Brady

Everyone was flipping out yesterday because Brady hurt his knee at practice. Including myself. But after a lil doctor’s appointment- they reported that he’s fine and that he’ll be able to play in their first game. SO THERE HATERS. You have no idea how many people texted me Looks like it’s Tebow time! Ugh- get outta here! You wish. Brady is fine. HE’S FINE OKAY. HE’S TOTALLY FINE. [end defensive new england sports fan rant]

7. Sox/Yankees Weekend

There’s always something extra special about weekends where the Sox and Yankees are playing each other. Even in seasons like this when the Yankees are like 8.5 games back from us (bwah hah hah) You can usually guarantee that Fox will cover the Saturday game and that they’ll be the Sunday Night Baseball game. BUT what I’m looking forward to is videos of the people in Fenway and their reaction to A-Rod. It’s going to be great. Go Sox.

I hope you enjoyed this mini series of thumbs up pictures from the world of Boston sports.

ALRIGHT. Before I bounce, I have to say one more time- holy crap thank goodness it’s Thursday. Dear weekend, I need you- love, me. ALSO- lots of love to everyone who reached out to me yesterday in real life and over the internet/phone. You people knew I was having a bad day and made me feel loads better. Thank you thank you thank you.

My best friend from home Michelle shared this buzzfeed article of a Corgi befriending a bunny and now I’m passing it on to you (in case you need a good dose of cuteness too).

I’m looking forward to enjoying all the things above, all the summer thangs I have yet to do, and even sooner- lunch outside in this gorgeous weather with my friend Sara. Life is good.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo

15 thoughts on “Thursday Treasures

  1. I love Agora! I think you’ll enjoy it too! Also, FYI, Agora has an amazing bottomless/unlimited food brunch for $32.

  2. haha good summer bucket list!!! i definitely should make a list for the rest of summer as well!!! maybe doing more fun things will help snap me out of my funk!!

  3. Thursday Tresures cheered me up. Love me some Thursday Treasures! I was feeling blah because it was cool and over cast….again. You reminded me that summer is far from over and there is a lot to do. My niece heads off to University about 5 hrs from home, so I will take her for gelato on Sunday before she leaves me. Thanks for reminding me about gelato, berries and other summer treats.:)

  4. So proud of you for going for Restaurant Week despite the bad thoughts! You’ve totally got this down. I’m dealing with the same kind of thoughts right now since moving back to AU means a lot of catch-up dinners and lunches, and lots of going-away dinners and lunches with my family, but I’m working through it, trying my best to listen to my body and enjoy the people in my life during this transitional week!

  5. Make a watermelon mojito! They are SO freaking refreshing and quintessential summer. Also… I am drooling over all of those restaurants you mentioned. I also had no idea Restaurant Week is starting soon! Looks like I need to sharpen my foodie game.

  6. Hey Allison! I came across your blog while I was looking up classes at Balance gym on Google…love your website! And that breakfast mess looks absolutely delicious, can’t believe I never thought to mix coconut and peanut butter together D: Just wanted to say hey, you’ve got a new regular reader😉


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