Not Real

Today just isn’t even real. I can not clear my brain for the life of me. It’s one of those days where everything around you just feels like noise and you can’t sort through it to make any sense of it all. Overwhelmed is the short way to put it I suppose.

I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed. The Gods apparently decided I was due for a sleepless night and so that’s what I received last night. My lack of zzz’s led me to wake up late for work and scrambling to get my life together this morning. Ever since the alarm sounded- I have been off my game.

On top of that- the weather is disgusting here in DC. Really not a fan. It’s dragging me down. Is warm sunny weather too much to ask? Gosh. I never thought I’d be begging for summer but right now I would do anything to be in the hot hot sun. When you rely primarily on getting around via foot- the rain makes life a lot harder. Especially when you do stupid things like I did this morning and forget to put on your rain boots. Womp.

2013-04-29 12.28.11

you were truly missed today, rain boots.

My feet feel like they’re perma-wet. My shoes still aren’t dry and they’ve been sitting on my space heater for hours. Wet feet make for a sad day. I’m really not looking forward to the rest of the forecast of this week as it looks like more of the same.

And not to mention- I feel like I owe the blogging world like a bajillion posts seeing as the last time I wrote something was on Saturday. Whoops. Sorry everyone! I have like three unfinished blog post drafts sitting in my queue. It’s not that I’m lacking material- in fact, this weekend was awesome and I keep meaning to tell you all about it- it’s just that- truth be told, I’ve been choosing “living life” over writing about my life. Not a bad thing at all, life is really outside the interwebs, but of course I have this immense weight of blogger guilt sitting on my shoulders.

What I really need is for someone to snap their fingers in my face to help me get with the program. GET. WITH. IT. ALLISON. I’m trying to just carry on as usual but I’m finding it hard to get my footing in any aspect of my life. Oh, one of those days.

But whether I like it or not- the week goes on. Luckily this weekend in the midst of Cinco de Mayo fun, I was able to do a lot of meal prep for the week. Thank GOD I did too because this week, man, I’ll take ANYTHING that will make my life easier. At least I’m getting quality, delicious, healthy eats in even if I feel blah-tastic?


veggie/hummus snack packs


this hummus is truly amazing. after a weekend full of cinco de mayo flavors- it’s been great to ween off the holiday with this stuff in my rotation as a snack at work.


In addition to the two pounds of strawberries sitting in my fridge, I also bought a pineapple and diced it up. I’ve been slightly pineapple crazy ever since having a lot of it when I was in Miami last weekend.


I chopped a rainbow’s worth of peppers to add to salads for the week.


kidney beans (or whatever your canned beans preference is) are awesome to add into salads. I used to hardly ever eat beans- but recently I’ve been buying them more often because for one, they”re cheap, but also- they’re really tasty and good for you! you get a lot of bang for your buck with a can of beans.

In addition to chopping up the veggies for salads and other meals throughout the week, on Sundays I usually cook up some type of whole grain as another quick salad/meal add-in. Feeling disenchanted by brown rice these days, which I have fallen into a rut of making, I decided to branch out with my whole grains. When I was at Trader Joes on Thursday I spotted bulgur and decided to give it a whirl.


I have never cooked with this grain before and really know nothing about it- except for that it’s supposedly good for you. I put it in this “obscure grains” category in my brain that I typically put quinoa in. Also in that category? Millet and barley. I’ll get to those two someday. BUT anyway, I bought bulgur (despite its gross sounding name… like seriously… what kind of name is bulgur).

Because I am quite inexperienced with it, I decided to test it out by just cooking it according to the instructions on the bag and tossing it in salads. Yes, I took the easy way out. BUT I ended up making a killer salad using the bulgur if that counts for anything. I’ll share that another day. Be patient my dears.

What I want to share with you is what I did with the leftovers from my salad prep because it’s perfect for this rainy weather. I made a bulgur breakfast porridge.

I’m not sure if porridge is the right word, but to me “porridge” equates to warm, mushy, breakfast cereal of some sort. And that’s what I ended up creating. It makes me think of Paddington Bear for some reason… even though he’s all about orange marmalade… I don’t think he ever ate bulgur.

Maybe porridge makes me think of stuffed bears because of Goldilocks? That’s probably it. She eats the porridge at the three bears’ house/cottage, right? One’s too hot, one’s too cold, one is just right? I’m remembering this correctly? I hope so. Otherwise you all probably think I’m insane right now. Eh, you probably already think I am anyway. EITHER way- me letting you into my stream of consciousness has now just made me want to be curled up in bed under the covers with my three stuffed bears. A girl can dream…


you’ve seen these lil friends before…

ANYWAY. Even though I’m a sleepy girl today and woke up late, I was still able to have a warm breakfast thanks to prepping my bulgur breakfast porridge last night. I always think I’m going to be lost without my overnight oats, but when I try something different in the morning, I’m usually pleased. Today, the combination of the weather and waking up with a chill in my bones and a fog covering my brain- it was nice to have something warm to fill me up with.

I consulted a couple of online recipes, one for “Bulgur Breakfast Cereal” and the other for “Magic Breakfast Pudding,” and then just played around with them to make my own bowl of goodness.

If you were curious- cooked bulgur is a little chewy and has a nutty-ish flavor. I combined one cup of the moist cooked stuff (which equates to about 1/3 cup of dry, uncooked bulgur) with a tbl. of walnuts, a tbl. of coconut, a tbl. of flax, and some cinnamon. I then covered it and let it sit in the fridge over night.P1010077

This morning I added a sliced banana, a tsp. of agave, and about 1/2 cup of almond milk. After I took the picture below, I also added some sliced strawberries to the mix. P1010080

I heated it all up in the microwave for about two minutes and then stirred in some almond butter when it was nice and hot. I also tried to mush the banana throughout the heating process as it got warm as a way to enhance the creaminess and sweetness of it all.P1010081

It was very much just like oatmeal, but with a different texture. I still think I prefer my chilled overnight oats (or hot oats over hot bulgur) but it’s nice to try out new things and experiment with foods that are unfamiliar with you. Plus, people are always saying that our bodies respond well to variety in our diets.P1010082And I mean… any breakfast involving banana, strawberries, and almond butter can’t be bad. Am I right? Let me answer that for you. I’m right.P1010083

Hopefully I can turn this day around and find some peace of mind. And if not- tomorrow is a new day. Like today, at least tomorrow will start off with a good, hot breakfast as I still have some bulgur leftovers to work my way through.

And I promise to get back to you on that bulgur salad recipe I mentioned earlier.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo

9 thoughts on “Not Real

  1. TJ’s Cilantro & Jalapeno Hummus is my FAVE! Obsessed is an understatement.

    And I feel you on the weather…I can’t keep my eyes open and it’s like all motivation flew out the window! Hopefully the sun comes out again soon:)

  2. I’m definitely with you on the weather– it’s so schizo here in new england. Right now it’s pretty warm so I’m outside in shorts and a tank, knowing that tomorrow it’s going to get cold and rainy, bahhh!!

    And TJs anything = my heart. Love love.

  3. Yeah that rain is supposed to start this afternoon here too and go through Friday am. But it’s been really nice for awhile so I guess we’re due. Don’t feel guilty about the blog, living life is where it’s at!! Bulgur sounds like vulgar, why would they name a food something that sounds gross? But it looks good and I’d probably like a nice warm bowl of it on a cold rainy morning, mmmm cozy. Love you! Have a great day!

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