Thursday Treasures

All too often I feel as if time is slipping by and I’m not doing enough to live my life to the fullest. I don’t know why I didn’t realize this earlier, but I sort of have a written record of everything that goes on in my life (well, the highlights at least) that I can read and remember all the things I’ve done- YOU’VE been reading it all along. If I were to take the time to go back into my blog archives and read about everything I’ve experienced, perhaps I would realize that I actually am doing a lot of things I love on a regular basis. I’m so quick to discount the neat things I do in my life.

Thus, this Thursday Treasures will not be an outlook into the weekend or an overview of the things I loved about this week, but it will reflect on this past month. February is a short one with it’s 28 day shenanigans BUT I actually managed to do a lot of cool things and have gone through a lot. I may have entered February with a gross head cold and not feeling like myself, but I’m definitely leaving February a much healthier, happier, fuller, and all around stronger, girl. And that notion I certainly do treasure.

Food Adventures:

Exercise Fun:

Assorted Other Happenings:

See, Allison- you do a lot. This is why reflection is such a valuable tool. Can you tell I went to Yoga last night? February was a month of love and I definitely did a great job at lovin’ on myself and focusing on my needs. It has been a time of immense change and growth which will only continue- God and myself willing. If I could handle all this in 28 days (whenever I type “28 days” I can’t stop picturing Sandra Bullock… anyone else know that movie?), I know I can handle whatever the future brings to me.

A short post to end the shortest month of the year.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo

3 thoughts on “Thursday Treasures

  1. You had a LOT going on this month and even more things to look forward to! Ahh jealous of your miami vacation and I’m totally going to come stalk you during the DC event in a few weeks:)

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